Megan (megs) is a staff photographer at TSP. Although still learning the craft, megs has an artist's eye, particularly when using selective focus and specialty lenses.


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tower troubles
I always thought there was something sinister about those modern towers of babel. This shot of the moon rising behind a cellular tower speaks to their silent but powerful control of our lives…
soooda, soooda..
What do do when waiting for a sandwich at the local grocery store? Pull out the LensBaby, baby!.

Recommended Looks and Listens

Even though this site is 'Under Construction', I'd like to share some of my fave blogs and podcasts. I've learned a lot from these folks, have met a few, and am happy to recommend them as "worth your time". Which is a pretty big thing, ya know?

Lightsource: Great podcast on studio lighting. Around an hour, good interviews.

Strobist: The king of small flash. Great guy, very accessible and social site with good tutorials and Flickr community. Also conducts a mean day-long seminar.

Pro Photography Show: Podcast from a young and enthusiastic wedding shooter. Great tips and advice show.

The NAPP Podcasts: Photoshop Killer Tips, Lightroom Killer Tips, Photoshop User TV, Kelby Blog, and more from the Scott Kelby/NAPP empire. Runs the gamut from short and simple to highly produced. Find the one that suits your taste, but they are all pretty good.

Digital Photography Life: Rebirth of what used to be a pretty good amateur enthusiast show. Had a falling out with their old host company. Should get back to their usual interview-heavy format.





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